Welcome to Courtney's Country Cottage! You will find many decorative grubby candles within my blog as well as other creations such as Scented Melts, salt dough gingerbread men, dried orange slices and many other items.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silicone Bulb...That I hand dipped and sprinkled with glitter...this bulb is 5 watts and gives a warm red glow. The bulb has been tested and will not burn...Perfect for the holidays. You can view this Silicone Bulb on my Ebay site by clicking HERE Thanks for looking!
Beeswax Grubby Taper stands 6 inches tall and it's warm glow would go great with any home decor...I have hand dipped this candle numerous times in Beeswax and Spices for that grunge look...700 hours with two ~AA~ Batteries....and is easy to install you simply twist the bottom of the candle and place the batteries in...Candle holder is not sold with this item...Thanks for taking a peek at my blog...Click HERE to take a peek at my Ebay Auction.
Primitive ~Annie~ My mom (Kats Country Prims) helped me out with this Annie...She sewed the Body and Head, But I did everything else...The eyes are hand stitched and so is the doily around her neck...Her nose is painted and has a cute cheese cloth bow on the side of her head...the doily was grubbed with tea, coffee and spices..she is 11 inches wide and is great for a shelf or on the couch...she would make a great gift for a primitive friend! You can check her out on my Ebay listing by clicking HERE Thanks for taking a peek at my blog!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 Pc. Set candy cane votives

This is a 3 piece set of candy cane votive candles. They are scented in peppermint, grunged with cinnamon, and their wicks are tied with green and cream homespun check fabric. They stand approximately 2.5" tall not including the wick. They are almost too cute to burn...but if you must...PLEASE REMOVE the fabric ties...LOL!! And trim the wick.

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Battery Operated Snowman Candle

This grubby guy is actually a Battery Operated candle that I have altered and made grubby. He takes 3 AAA batteries...NOT INCLUDED! He is hand made...and Scented with Jack Frost. He stands 5in tall and has a red and cream Homespun check Scarf wrapped around his neck. He will view all holiday festivities with his Black Button eyes. I have given him a wax candy corn for a nose!

This guy is Wonderful for the Holiday's with children running about because you don't have to worry about any flame!

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Santa's Stockings

These old hunting socks may not appear to be grungy in this photo....but they are! They are stained with a blend of coffee and tea. I have added rusty bells to give them some jingle...a green and cream homespun plaid which I have hand stitched to the heel. These stockings have no hanger on them. I envision them being hung by clothespins. I have attached a stained prim tag which reads...SANTA'S STOCKINGS.

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Here is another grubby snowman candle that I just listed on ebay. He is made from paraffin wax and made to look just like a lumpy bumpy snowman in the yard. He is sprinkled with cinnamon and smells of Maple Butter scent. He has coffee bean eyes and grin. He has a cinnamon stick nose. And for extra eye appeal I have given him a green and cream homespun plaid scarf.

For more information on this item...check him out on my Ebay listing by clicking HERE.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Snowmen

Yes, another one! But larger! This one was created from a 5lb. coffee tin that I knew I could reuse for something. He has a red and cream homespun scarf tied around his neck and a twisted wire with raffia bow accented on the side.
You could fill this can with candy canes or just hang it from your tree.
There are holes in the back, so you could even place a tea light candle inside and there would be a warm glow from behind him.
I have also listed this guy on ebay. You can view that listing by clicking HERE to go to Ebay.
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Who Doesn't LOVE Snowmen?

This is my first attempt at a blog. I honestly had never heard of such a thing. Until my Mom, Kat from Kats Country Prims, told me I "needed one" to share my creations. So, here I am, blogging. LOL!
And here is one of the items I recently listed on Ebay. These are little reused tin cans! I am going green. I am recycling! They originally held mushrooms or tomato sauce so they are about 2.5" in height. But now, since I have hand painted them, given them a fancy little homespun scarf around their necks, and even added a little rusty jingle bell for extra eye appeal. They are little snowman heads. And they will look great on a Christmas tree as they hang from their twisted wire hangers!

Thanks so much for taking a peek! If you would like to see more of my items, you can click HERE to go to ebay for a better look!